Broakulla belongs to Emmaboda municipality, 8 km. With supermarkets, a bank with card automat, train station and an indoor swimming pool. In Broakulla you will find a small, well-stocked supermarket.

We live in the middle of the GLASRIKET (crystal of glass) with many glass factories and glassworks. In Broakulla you find ‘ Johansfors Gallery ‘ by Duncan and Liz Timms. Worth it!!

In our own garden is the old school of Broakulla. There you will find now ‘ Annas Butik ‘ with gifts, crafts, etc.

GEOCACHING is an outdoor sports game that uses a gps receiver or phone with gps, to collected caches (hiding places) somewhere in the world. There are many caches here, but the first is less than 200 metres from our accommodation!!

SHOPPING. For example, in Växjö, the University City. With its famous cathedral, car-free shopping center and its national airport. Or Kalmar, the port city. With its old town with town wall and its historic castle. Through the bridge you can also go to the subtropical island of Öland, with its many villages and beautiful flowers.                                           Or Karlskrona, the medieval naval town with its lively centre, many islets and sea fleet. And his Maritime Museum with good restaurant. These three cities are 50 a 60 km away, without traffic jams. For more information: www.växjö.se  *  *  *

For HIKING and FISHING see separate tabs for more information.